Community Projects


SQF offers bursaries to the surrounding communities through the Rural Education Access programme (REAP). Every year ten (10) students are selected by the schools for the bursaries.
Mapheleni Creche
Sibongekile Creche

Health and Welfare

SQF donates shoes to orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) from the surrounding communities. These children are identified through the relevant schools and through the non-profit organisations like Senzokuhle at Dukuduku, Nyalazi 10 schools (Nsombosi, Qakwini, , Ikhayalethemba at KwaMbonambi and Noah's Ark at Port Durnford

Sports and Development

SQF likes to be involved in sports and development initiated by the communities and provides kits to them.

Environmental Awareness

SQF has partnered with Mondi to educate wood carvers on the preservation of indigenous forests. The wood carvers have even formalised their structure through the formation of the committee.

Arbour Week

Paper donation:
SQF has committed to provide schools in the surrounding communities with papers once a year of about 10 bags for each school from Portdurnford to St Lucia plantation.

Forestry Career Exhibition

Most of the school kids and teachers are not well informed about forestry career. It was from that notion that SQF decided to organize the forestry workshop whereby the neighbouring school kids and teachers visits plantation to practical learn what is happening in forestry operations and get exposed to different careers in forestry industry.